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Van Herron and Antoinette Polk, Canton


For some car owners, simply being approved for financing on any dependable vehicle is enough. For others, being able to get a loan for a really nice vehicle is a great feeling. For some car enthusiasts, however, being able to choose, finance, own, and customize the vehicle they always wanted is the ultimate in car ownership. That’s the case with Van Herron and Antoinette Polk. They first came to ABC MotorCredit because they had bad credit and couldn’t get financing anywhere. Four vehicles financed at ABC MotorCredit later…and Van and Antoinette are (still) the proud owners of several awesome ABC MotorCredit vehicles! They have a Mazda 6, a G6 GT Couple, a S-10 Pick-up truck, and a Toyota Camry. Their dream car is a Jaguar which they already own! It’s a 2006 beauty with just 59,000 miles on it! While there are lots of things they like about doing business with ABC MotorCredit, one of their top reasons it’s now their “go to” dealership of choice is because “They work with you!” shares Van.

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Van Herron and Antoinette Polk
ABC MotorCredit Loyal, Repeat Customers

  • 4 car ABC MotorCredit customer
  • Favorite ABC MotorCredit vehicle: The Mazda 6 (they still own it!)
  • Dream car: the 2006 Jaguar they still own!
  • They refer friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
  • Advice for people considering getting their vehicle through ABC MotorCredit: “Bring all your paperwork!” (By doing this, it saves time and you can drive off in your new-to-you vehicle sooner!)
  • Favorite experience with ABC MotorCredit vehicle: customizing it! “Getting tinting for the windows and a sound system!”
  • Credit rating increased