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Shawntae Sherrell, Bedford


Initially, Shawntae had no intention of shopping for a new-to-her car (especially since her credit score was nowhere near where she wanted it to be) until her own vehicle needed repairs totaling $1500! It was then that she realized she could get a newer car with a warranty for just $100 down at ABC MotorCredit instead of spending $1500 for repairs on her old car with no guarantees it wouldn’t need more work in the near future! Ever since, she's fallen in love with the Malibu. In fact, her favorite vehicle is the Chevy Malibu. She likes it because the ride is “smooth and comfortable!” She is currently driving her 2009 Malibu, though she previously financed a 2003 Malibu at ABC MotorCredit; she was delighted to upgrade to a new one. While there are many things Shawntae loves about her car and shopping at ABC MotorCredit, she especially appreciates the convenience of having the financing and auto dealership all at one location; she also likes the fact that it’s a truly easy, hassle-free process, that everyone is super nice, and that “they keep you laughing!”

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Shawntae Sherrell
ABC MotorCredit Graduate

  • Loyal, Repeat Customer
  • 3 car ABC MotorCredit customer
  • Steelers fan
  • Favorite ABC MotorCredit vehicle: Chevy Malibu
  • Dream car: a brand new Malibu!
  • She refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
  • Advice for people considering getting their vehicle through ABC MotorCredit: “If you use my name as your referral, I get money off my loan! Once I get 15 referrals, ABC MotorCredit will pay off my vehicle!”
  • Favorite experience with ABC MotorCredit vehicle: A road trip to Pittsburgh with her favorite cousin
  • Credit rating increased