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Robin Jackson, Akron


Robin’s first vehicle purchased at ABC MotorCredit was a 2001 white Chevy Blazer. When she was able to upgrade, she financed a 2003 Burgundy Aztek. Unfortunately, Robin got in an accident in the Aztek and, although she was ok, the vehicle was totaled. She was happy to learn that ABC MotorCredit who give her a loaner to drive, a Mercury Sable. Today Robin drives what is her favorite vehicle ~ an awesome 2008 Equinox that she also financed at the dealership. While there are many things about doing business with ABC MotorCredit that she loves, she is particularly impressed with the consistent friendliness of the staff and how pleasant and welcoming they are at all the dealership locations

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Robin Jackson

  • A customer who appreciates the friendly staff at ABC MotorCredit
  • Green Bay Packers Fan
  • 3-vehicle ABC MotorCredit customer
  • Prefers the Green Bay Packers over the Browns and the Steelers!
  • Dream vehicle: 1979 Chevy Impala
  • An awesome adventure while driving the Sable ~ a road trip to Detroit
  • What Robin likes most about ABC MotorCredit: the super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff
  • Refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
  • Her advice to anyone considering buying their next vehicle at ABC MotorCredit, “Use my name ~ Robin Jackson [as your referring person]!”
  • Credit score improved substantially
  • Graduated to better credit rating
  • Credit improved enabling lower interest rates