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Lakisha Ruffin, Akron

When your credit score is less than stellar, it’s often a challenge trying to get approved for loans, financing, or credit cards. For individuals with bad credit who happen to need a dependable vehicle and who have young children, having a low credit score is even more stressful and frustrating because you need a safe, awesome, family-sized vehicle to make all those trips to the grocery shopping, the doctors’ appointments, the school events, and the family gatherings. Plus, a nicer, dependable vehicle makes all those drives throughout the day that much more enjoyable (and less stressful). Fortunately for the mother of young children, Lakisha Ruffin, ABC MotorCredit helped her with lots of her challenges ~ she got approved for finance, she got a dependable vehicle for her family to enjoy, and she got the jump start she desperately needed to start to improve her credit. 

Lakisha initially came to ABC MotorCredit over 6 years ago specifically because she had bad credit and knew that if she was going to get approved for auto financing anywhere, this would be the one business that might help her. Since she first stopped in at the Canton dealership location, Lakisha has financed 3 different vehicles through ABC MotorCredit. Of all the things she loves most about working with ABC MotorCredit, the top three include: 1) being able to finance an awesome, safe, and dependable vehicle big enough for the whole family to enjoy, 2) the low, affordable payments, and 3) the warranty!

Say Hello to ABC MotorCredit Success Story

Lakisha Ruffin
ABC MotorCredit Loyal, Repeat Customer

  • 3 car ABC MotorCredit customer
  • Favorite ABC MotorCredit vehicle: The Chrysler Pacifica crossover wagon
  • Her all-time dream car: A Cadillac
  • Refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
  • What Lakisha loves about ABC MotorCredit: “The low payments, the fact that ABC MotorCredit helped me organize my bill payments, and they always work with me when I need help.”
  • Memorable experiences in ABC MotorCredit vehicle: “Taking the kids to watch fireworks for the first time ~ we sat in the back of the vehicle with the door open! And watching sun sets from the back of the vehicle!
  • Credit history repaired
  • Credit rating increased