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Gary and Peggy Jones, Akron


Cleveland native and devout Browns fan Gary Jones first came to ABC MotorCredit years ago because he wanted a high-end car like the kind he was accustomed to driving even though his credit score at the time was not impressive. Gary knew that ABC MotorCredit not only has lots of top-of-the-line, pristine vehicles in their inventory, but also finds ways to help everyone struggling with a low credit score or bad credit history. He’s since financed 5 vehicles from ABC MotorCredit ~ a Durango, a Mercedes, a Jaguar, a M300, and a PT Cruiser. His favorite? Well, it’s no surprise to anyone who knows Gary ~ it’s the Jaguar that he has the deepest affinity for. 

What he especially loves about ABC MotorCredit (besides being able to always get the cool cars he loves), is the fact that he can pay off a loan early (with no penalty) and get himself into a newer, even more impressive vehicle. “I always get the car I want ~ like the Mercedes or the 300,” shares Gary. “They give you a chance even in bad times!”

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Gary and Peggy Jones
ABC MotorCredit Loyal, Repeat Customers - Browns fans

  • 5 car ABC MotorCredit customers
  • Favorite ABC MotorCredit vehicle: Jaguar
  • Dream car: PT Drop top or a convertible Porsche 4-door
  • They refer friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
  • Advice for people considering getting their vehicle through ABC MotorCredit: “Use Gary Jones as a reference. Just make sure you say 'Gary Jones sent you!'”
  • Favorite experience with ABC MotorCredit vehicle: going on vacation with every vehicle they’ve purchased at ABC MotorCredit!
  • Credit rating increased