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Elliot Bates, Bedford


While most car shoppers make plans in advance to stop by one of our locations to test drive several vehicles, make their selection, and then purchase their next vehicle, some just happen to be driving by, and others ~ like Elliot Bates, are suddenly motivated by a “tiff” with a loved one to get behind the wheel of vehicle immediately and keep driving!! Yep, you read that right! After having an argument with his fiancé, Elliot walked over to the ABC MotorCredit dealership just around the corner from his home and said, “I have $600, put me in a vehicle!” And Voila! ~ in no time at all that afternoon, Elliot was able to take that much-needed and enjoyable long drive in his own vehicle! 

When asked what he would recommend to a person who is considering purchasing a vehicle at ABC MotorCredit, Elliot shared: “Have all the information ready that they’ll ask for and make sure all telephone numbers [that you'll need to provide] are correct and working!”

Say Hello to ABC MotorCredit Success Story

Elliot Bates
(Still) loves his fiancé (and his new car)

  • 1st time ABC MotorCredit customer
  • Best part of ABC: exceptional customer service ~ the staff was very easygoing, understanding, informative, and friendly!
  • One of the most memorable adventures in his new vehicle: visiting college
  • Appreciates the convenience and quickness involved in financing a car at ABC MotorCredit
  • Refers friends, family, and his fiancé to ABC MotorCredit
  • Working toward improving credit rating