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Colleen Moore, Bedford

It’s often the case that when new-to-ABC MotorCredit customers first come to one of our several dealership locations, they do so because they’ve read somewhere or heard from a friend that we cater to good people with bad credit. While that is true, what established customers are thrilled to discover once they’ve done business with us just once, is that we are a full-service used car auto dealership that can continue to help them improve their credit score and offer them fabulous vehicles at fabulous prices as their credit score increases over time. Colleen Moore is a prime example of the results of that world-class customer service and customer loyalty.

Throughout the recent years, Colleen Moore has financed many vehicles with us! While initially she planned to finance simply one dependable vehicle to help her get her credit back on track and to drive a vehicle she could count on to get her safely through NE Ohio’s snowy winters, she was so delighted and so impressed with her experience at our dealership, with her vehicle, and with how fast her credit rate was improving that she decided to finance another one. Then another one. And another one. To date, she’s financed sixteen (16) different vehicles with us ~ each one being newer, more expensive, and filled with more of the gizmos and gadgets she’s always wanted in her daily ride! 16 vehicles! Now that’s pretty impressive. Even many car dealerships that sell new cars don’t often experience that type of loyalty.

While she loved something about each of the vehicles she purchased at ABC MotorCredit throughout the years, her favorite so far is her Ford Escape. When asked what advice she would give to potential customers who are considering financing their next vehicle at ABC MotorCredit, Colleen replied “Just do it!”

Say Hello to ABC MotorCredit Success Story

Colleen Moore
Loves to travel with her dog, Quinn • Browns Fan • ABC MotorCredit Graduate

  • 16-car ABC MotorCredit customer
  • Best part of ABC: excellent customer service, helpful, friendly staff (especially Michele and Sam, Jr).
  • Favorite ABC MotorCredit vehicle: Ford Escape
  • Favorite adventure in Ford Escape: road trip to Canada with her beloved, 4-legged BFF, Quinn
  • Appreciates the ease and friendliness in financing a vehicle at ABC MotorCredit
  • Refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
  • Credit score improved substantially
  • Graduated to better credit rating
  • Credit improved enabling lower interest rates
  • Continues to upgrade to better, newer, and finer vehicles with each purchase