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Meet our Staff! 

Bedford (Cleveland) Staff

Allen Hale (Store Manager)

Hello everyone! My name is Allen!!!! I am so happy and excited to be a part of the ABC Family! Here’s why!! You know, my family and I experienced 2 life altering events in the last year and a half, and during that time, We (My wife and I, Hope!) were able to spend much needed time with our families to start the healing process! In addition, I had to evaluate what was important to me when it came to my career! I have over 25 years of sales and management experience in which I enjoyed helping others obtain their goals! This is my passion! I needed to find a place where I felt that my values and my passion to help those who are seeking to get back on their feet would be matched! This is what I have found here at ABC Motor Credit! I promise you! We will do everything in our power to help you get the car or SUV that you need! Trust me! It’s easy as ABC!! Come in and ask for me and let’s start this journey! It’s going to be AWESOME!!!!

Shamika Bonner

HEEEEYYY my name is Shamika!!!! I have been with ABC Motorcredit since 2017, and I LOVE what I do and do what I LOVE! What I love is getting customers driving in NICER NEWER VEHICLES that fit their needs and budgets. Even with bad credit I know I can have you driving today. With over eight years of sales experience, you can trust me when I say I will solve your transportation problems! I have a bubbly, energetic and loving personality, so you will always be greeted with a smile and positive vibes from me! As a mother of one amazing son, I understand the stresses of buying a car, and I want to make it easy for you. Come see me at our Bedford location and I will have you driving in 90 minutes or less. Join the fun and remember to ask for Shamika! 

Check out my Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMMyhmZDobM

Steffanie Dorton

Hi, my name is Steffanie and I recently joined the ABC MotorCredit family! I’ve been in the car business for 10+ years and I absolutely love what I do!!! I know buying a car is stressful, so I will work hard to help take that stress away and get you driving something nice and within your budget. I also will make sure to get you an included service contract so those car issue troubles go away. Our program helps build up your credit, so we can say goodbye to bad credit! Come to our Bedford location and ask for me so I can get you driving and have some fun while doing it like ABC has been doing since 1990!!!

Ryan Artuso

Hello! My name is Ryan, and I am an excited member of the ABC Family because I know I can get you driving today! I have always been a huge car person, so I know I can get you into a great reliable vehicle. I am a big family man so I understand the need to get a great reliable vehicle that lasts and is the perfect fit for a whole family. I can help! Come in to ABC MotorCredit in Bedford and ask for Ryan and I will help you get driving today! I can make the process quick and easy, stress free and simple for you. Our approval process is guaranteed so don't worry about your credit. We got it covered! Remember ask for Ryan. 

Percy Martin

Hello! My name is Percy Martin Sr. and I have been in cars sales for the last 7 years and joined the ABC Family in August of 2022. I love it here! What I love the most is helping customers and seeing the smiles on their face when I get them driving a vehicle they enjoy. I like working at ABC MotorCredit because we treat each other like family. I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, and I am a HUGE Cleveland sports fan. Come and see me at ABC, where we have fun, take care of our customers and most importantly help good people with bad credit get great cars since 1990! Remember when you come in, Ask for P! 

Latrice Jones

Tallmadge Staff

Joi Allen (Store Manager)

Hi, My Name is Joi Allen (Joi), I am the Sales Manager at ABC MotorCredit in Tallmadge, Ohio. I joined this company in January of 2016, where I spent the first 3 ½ years with this company in Bedford Ohio as an Assistant Manager.  In 2019 I was offered the opportunity to become a Store Manager and share my sales skills to create an incredible team. I was honored to accept, and as I build my team, I look forward to continuing to do what I love. The best part of my job is face-to-face interaction with the customers while mentoring the sales force. Come visit us in Tallmadge, get driving, have fun and join our mission to help people with bad credit rebuild their credit scores and improve their lives. SEE YOU THERE!

Bailey Graham

Hey! My name is Bailey, and I joined the ABC team in September of 2021! My experience so far has been AMAZING, and I am so happy to be here! My favorite part of working here has been being able to help solve problems for so many people by getting them into a nicer, newer vehicle! Positive energy flows through our store, ensuring smiles everywhere you look! I have been so welcomed by everyone, and I appreciate the outpouring help that I have received. I have 7 years of experience in customer service, and always aim to make my customers as happy as I possibly can! Searching for vehicles can be a lot of work, so let me take care of it all for you! Our goal is to get you in the door and DRIVING AWAY with in 90 minutes! I am always, ALWAYS happy to help, so give me a call and let’s get you on the road! Our approvals here  are income  based, so credit is NEVER a deal breaker! Our vehicles also come with a fantastic service contract, a referral program that could help you get your car for FREE (yes, you read that correctly!), and a reward system that helps contribute to your balance! Stop in and see me at our Tallmadge location so I can show you why ABC Motor Credit is  A Better  Choice for YOU!

Jazmin Eutsey